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6 disadvantages of blockchain

As we initially mentioned in our previous article, blockchain technology initially gained attention when Satoshi Nakamoto released a study in 2008, A peer-to-peer electronic currency system was the topic of the research study ...

Paid Time Off in Different Countries

The topic of annual leave never makes more sense than when travel season is in full swing. In this vacay mode article, we will go through some beginnings of paid vacation and the current trends in various countries...
Work From Home

Work From Home: in which direction is it heading?

In the large pool of other news, when it comes to remote working, there were two that attracted attention since the beginning of June. First, the alleged copy of an email forwarded from Tesla CEO Elon Musk...

Blockchain: abstract concept or reality?

A blockchain is essentially an open decentralized database file for storing data or information. The file is made up of data blocks that are linked to one another to form a chain. Each block contains data ...
Is a pet-friendly office a good thing?

Is a pet-friendly office a good thing?

It's not news that pets are good for people. Studies abound about the physical, emotional and psychological benefits of having a furry companion to care for...
Tech Talent Shortage

Global Tech Talent Shortage Is A Trending Topic

The shortage of tech skills has been a long-standing problem. Pandemic or no pandemic, people were talking about it before the outbreak. The demand for skilled labor in the U.S., across all industries and sectors...

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