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Remote Software Development

Remote Software Development Centers – Are they here to stay?

In short – yes, they are. Although this type of cooperation and expansion attracted attention of many companies during the recent events and lockdowns, they are far from new. And if run effectively, they have a ...
collaboration tools

Online Collaboration Tools

Online collaboration tools have been present on the market even before the COVID-19 hit. Yet, they became irreplaceable during the lockdown period and during the evolution of a new working environment...
branch office

Opening a Branch Office in a Foreign Country

Once the business is well established at its headquarters, the thinking of geographically expanding it arises. Be it an international or local branch office. And this business move comes up for various reasons. ...
relocation for a job

What to consider before relocating for a job

Recently on our Instagram we ran a poll, and the question was: would you relocate for a job to other country/city or not. Not surprisingly, the answer 93% of respondents chose was: IT DEPENDS...
6 best countries for outsourcing software development in Europe

6 best countries for outsourcing software development in Europe

Outsourcing in general is a form of business practice where companies transfer some of their services and workload to a third-party contractor. If we narrow a focus to software development outsourcing, that...
podcasts for developers

Top podcasts for software developers in 2021

Some say they are more practical than books. And when a person whose job is to focus on a computer or phone screen for at least 8 hours day tells you that, they may be a huge eye-saver. They multiplied both in topics ...

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