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Top TV series programmers actually like to watch

Top TV series programmers actually like to watch

Does anyone remember TV shows solely showing programmers as over- or under-weight geeks with a specialty of typing fast on the computer keyboard and fighting the clock to hack into government accounts or ...
misconceptions about programmers

6 common misconceptions about programmers

As with every other job, we guess it is pretty much common to have some misconceptions about day-to-day work done by any professional. When it comes to programmers, many see it as a field for computer and ...
guide to technical interviewing

A guide to technical interviewing in 2021

A technical interview is a pretty much standard hiring procedure when it comes to software development roles. Depending on the size and the policy of the business, the structure of the technical interview may vary...
collaboration tools

Online Collaboration Tools

Online collaboration tools have been present on the market even before the COVID-19 hit. Yet, they became irreplaceable during the lockdown period and during the evolution of a new working environment...
relocation for a job

What to consider before relocating for a job

Recently on our Instagram we ran a poll, and the question was: would you relocate for a job to other country/city or not. Not surprisingly, the answer 93% of respondents chose was: IT DEPENDS...
podcasts for developers

Top podcasts for software developers in 2021

Some say they are more practical than books. And when a person whose job is to focus on a computer or phone screen for at least 8 hours day tells you that, they may be a huge eye-saver. They multiplied both in topics ...
How to avoid common CV mistakes

How to avoid common CV mistakes

Although the title might suggest this article is intended for you out there looking for first internship or job, we believe it can be also useful to seasoned professionals who did not have the opportunity to update ...
online interviews

5 Tips for online interviews

The in-person job interviews seem so distant in the past from this point of view. The last in-person interview at our company was more than 8 months ago. The coronavirus pandemic simply changed that scenario as well. Although in the beginning the traditional...
looking into skills for developers

Essential Skills for Programmers

Some say it has never been a better time to become a programmer with all the free and paid material in the form of tutorials, courses and forums you can find on the Internet. Even due to COVID-19 some platforms offered free ...
Time Management Tips for Developers

Time Management Tips for Developers

These days procrastination seems as a more obvious choice than focus. Especially when you take into consideration infinite scrolling possibilities on your phone, several Slack channels you are a part of...

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