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Outsourcing and Outstaffing

A Guide to Outsourcing and Outstaffing

Statistics are clear. Nearly 54% of all companies use some form of the third-party support team to deliver the business goals they have. We already wrote about the difference between a dedicated team and an IT team extension. ...
Remote Software Development

Remote Software Development Centers – Are they here to stay?

In short – yes, they are. Although this type of cooperation and expansion attracted attention of many companies during the recent events and lockdowns, they are far from new. And if run effectively, they have a ...
branch office

Opening a Branch Office in a Foreign Country

Once the business is well established at its headquarters, the thinking of geographically expanding it arises. Be it an international or local branch office. And this business move comes up for various reasons. ...
6 best countries for outsourcing software development in Europe

6 best countries for outsourcing software development in Europe

Outsourcing in general is a form of business practice where companies transfer some of their services and workload to a third-party contractor. If we narrow a focus to software development outsourcing, that...
hiring developers

How to hire a developer

No matter for which position you needed to hire new people, you for sure noticed that it is never an easy task. Or, at least, not as easy as you thought. And if you do not have clear job description and clear vision, it only adds up. If we go on and include...
outsourcing development companies

4 myths that often follow outsourcing development companies

If you even started thinking about hiring an external team to develop your software product, it is hardly to believe you haven’t met several objections to the business outsourcing process...
software development outsourcing

How to Avoid Outsourcing Software Development Risks

In one of our previous articles, we mentioned several points to take into consideration when deciding to hire an outsourced team. Truth to be told, the article was written before the lockdowns and ...
Outside Developers vs. In-house Developers

Outside Developers vs. In-house Developers

Costs are one of the main issues when you set on expanding your team. It is also considered one of the biggest expenses for the company – it can go up to 70% of your total cost structure. With this in mind...
Serbia IT outsourcing

6 Reasons of IT outsourcing in Serbia

Most people think of Asia, Ukraine, Russia, or Poland when outsourcing comes up in conversation. This effective business practice happens all around the globe, however. ProDevs is a Serbian company in Belgrade.

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