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We are ProDevs

As the name of the company demonstrates, ProDevs is a dedicated group of professional developers in Belgrade, Serbia. We are eager to turn your professional plans and dreams into reality. As individuals, we have many years of experience in both front and back-end development for web apps of all types.

In 2016, we joined forces to create one of the best comprehensive sources for these services in the world. Today, we are pleased to work with top-notch clients from as far away as Germany, Belgium, Israel, and the United States. We also work with other companies that need nearshoring and offshoring services.

Aleksa Manasijevic (his friends call him Alex) became the CEO of ProDevs after working more than 15 years with numerous top-level clients. He first brought the other experts together to form a dedicated development team and establish this successful company. They include front-end developers and back-end specialists. Also, we offer full-stack development experts and accomplished designers who understand the importance of all ProDevs stands for. We pride ourselves on creating high-energy, comfortable, and collaborative working conditions.

Software Development Company
Software Development Company

ProDevs Timeline


This year marks the year of our company foundation. After more than 10 years in freelancing, our CEO Mr Alex Manasijevic decided that the demand for the projects he was working on is high. In that way, the first two teams were formed, as was ProDevs officially.


2016 saw the joining of some of two most loyal members of the company, Ms Ana Micic Pavlovic and Mr Milan Japundzic, whose commitment, dedication and hard work became values everyone else followed.


During this year Ms Vesna Radovic joined the company as well, which marked the start of marketing and sales efforts.

New partnerships and clients

The previous work led to acquiring new customers and building important and long-term business relationships.

Early 2019

After the new increase in the number of employees, we moved to the new offices.

Recognition from international organizations

In early 2019, we were recognized and chosen among few CESA Awards Customer Experience National Finalists, which opened new possibilities for us and showed us that we are going into the right direction.

Cooperation with prominent regional partners

First partnerships with regional companies are formed


ProDevs entered the new markets of Belgium, Canada, Israel, and Sweden.


We compiled a new set of services and offers and upgraded the existing ones.

Participation at international business forums

More frequent invitations from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia to international business forums and gatherings

Social Responsibility

Starting to take more active part in socially responsible projects in collaboration with other local IT companies.


Business Development Manager

Vesna Radović calendar

Business Development Manager


Njegoseva 45, 5th floor 11000 Belgrade




+38160 033-38-07

Our focus is on building and maintaining long-term partnerships and business relationships, while taking care of our and your business reputation.

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