How to Hire
Remote Developers

Hire Remote Developers in Serbia with Prodevs. Our Process

How it works: step by step

We connect your businesses with software development specialists from Serbia and establish dedicated and reliable tech teams.

With our infrastructure and administrative support, and your managing tools and methodologies, you will have a reliable remote team synced with your in-house team.



Establishing your needs

  • Everything starts with the introduction call or face-to-face meeting. At this point we discuss your requirements and needs and move forward if we agree that both parties are a good match.
  • Besides talking about generalities, such as terms and conditions, your business needs and the structure of the team you would like to start with, we also address your concerns about team management and team efficiency.
  • We understand that that starting a remote collaboration right away can be risky because of all the business structure and processes involved. Therefore, during the meeting we discuss the most efficient ways to manage the shift and how to formalize it.



Interviewing developers

  • After you describe us your requirements, we create a job description for the position. Our recruitment specialists find relevant candidates, who we pre-screen and filter them according to their references. Finally, you receive the list of candidates which we believe are the best fit for the position and afterwards your team arrange interview or interviews with to make sure you find the right person.
  • It is up to you which tools and methodologies you will use in the selection process, be it test tasks, live coding sessions or any other methodology you prefer. You are also welcome to visit our offices and perform the interview in person with the candidate that seems as a most fit.



Ready to start working

  • With all formalities being signed, sealed and delivered, it is our turn to supply your remote software developer with a fully functional workstation and infrastructure in our Belgrade office.
  • Our experts in ProDevs responsible for recruitment, hiring, HR, retention and administration make sure that onboarding processes and team extensions are smooth for both your in-house and remote teams. It is also our responsibility to take care of retention program that will minimize the turnover and keep both parties happy in the long run.
  • Speaking of administrative and HR responsibilities, we take care of vacation and sick leave, payroll and all related taxes so you can focus on your core business competencies and manage your remote team hassle-free.
  • When it comes to managing your remote team smoothly, you can choose the methodology already implemented in your workflow. Most of our customers are comfortable with following Agile methodology since it allows them to follow the progress of the work and be sure all their team members are on the same page.



Constant Support

  • You will always have be in contact with a dedicated HR/Client/Business Development Manager who is in charge of keeping the communication flow run smoothly between all parties included, thus building trustworthy and productive relationship with your remote team.
  • Some of HR/Client/Business Development Manager responsibilities will be: quarterly evaluating of developers’ satisfaction, or yearly if our collaboration extends beyond one year contract, performance reviews, analyzing your feedback linked to the team’s performance and their overall professional development, identifying the areas that need improvement.
  • You can be sure that everything is done for all of your data and engineers to be secure. Besides our standard safety protocol, we can ensure additional security measures if you assess there is need for them.
  • We understand that for a team to function well and stay together for a longer period of time, there needs to be a comfortable working environment created. We do that by organizing various team building activities and throwing corporate parties at least two times a year, organizing casual happy hours, and providing benefits for all the employees.

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