How much software developers earn around the world

Tech stack, skills, and market demand dictate the average software developer salary

When it comes to how much software developers are paid, one would expect that more years of experience automatically means higher wages. Of course, in practice, things are a bit different. Namely, certain types of coding work are valued more money-wise at the same level of experience.

Besides expertise, one of the factors which have an impact on the overall budgeting is the fact whether the developer works remotely or in-house. You can find more about that in a separate article

Speaking of various types of coding work and their relation to wages, according to the survey Stack Overflow did in 2019, we can speak of two types of distinctions:

  • Salary and Experience by Developer Type
developer type

Source: Stackoverflow

Compared to the Stack Overflow survey from 2021, experts who tend to have the highest median salaries in USD include DevOps specialists, data engineers, and engineering managers.

  • Salary and Experience by Developer Type
graph showing salary by developer type
  • Salary and Experience by Programming Languages
experience by language

Source: Stackoverflow

According to the same survey, some of the numbers have changed when it comes to the salary by programming language. Clojure managed to stay on the top of the list, though PHP (some say unfairly)  is underpaid.

salary by programming language

Average software developer salary in the USA

According to the data available on Indeed collected from over 30,000 participants, the average salary of a software developer in the USA was $108,423 per year, which varies depending on the years of experience. Software engineers with less than one year of experience earn a yearly salary of $101,312 on average. As for 2021, the median salary is $99,680, in addition to $4,000 bonus per year.

On the other hand, the average salary of those US-based developers who have more than 10 years of experience is considered to be $125,399.

Of course, the paycheck depends on some more factors, such as the city where you live in. Not surprisingly, according to the same source, when it comes to the best-ranked cities, San Francisco is at the top of the list, followed by:

  • San Jose, CA
  • New York, NY
  • Seattle, WA
  • New York, NY
  • Chicago, IL
  • San Diego, CA
  • Austin, TX
Title and Salary Correlation
Full-Stack Developer $106,010 (compared to $113,465 in the previous period)
Developer $50,889 (compared to $93,486 in the previous period)
Application Developer $81,828 (compared to $91,601 in the previous period)
Web Developer $69,434
Back End Developer $118,304 (compared to $128,535 in the previous period)
Front End Developer $103,513 (compared  to $107,443 in the previous period)

No wonder then the geographic location plays a big part when making the decision whether to relocate or not. Apart from other circumstances, of course.

Average software developer salary in Germany and some other European countries

  • Germany

According to the data PayScale collected, on average you need to pay €49,724 yearly to a software developer in Germany. However, if you are a senior developer, you can expect the number goes as high as €65,000 on a yearly basis.

If you are skilled in C++ and Java programming languages, the pay can go above average. On the other hand, skills that are less likely to be paid above average rates include C#, JavaScript, SQL, etc.

Title and Salary Correlation
Java 49,927€
JavaScript 48,663€
C# 48,429€
SQL 49,390€
Python 49,364€

Average salaries reported by the same source in some other European countries may vary:

Switzerland      94,508 CHF
Denmark      492,723 DKK
Norway     574,213 NOK
Sweden     496,334 SEK
France      41,130€
UK     37,986 GBP

Average software developer salary in Serbia

Based on the results from the third annual report about the status of developers in Serbia performed by Startit Center in Belgrade in 2019, it is clear that that the IT scene is one of the most attractive industries for people in Serbia, and the wages are one of the reasons.

starit data

Junior developers earn around €696 on a monthly basis, while median and senior software developers earn more than during previous years: €1,444 and €2,619 respectively.

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