How to hire a dedicated development team in 4 simple steps?

If you have ever tried to employ even one software developer, chances are you are wondering how “development team” and “simple” can be in the same sentence. Especially when talking about hiring a remote development team.
The truth is, it is possible with the right model and well-thought and transparent approach.
Furthermore, the “new normal” seems to be a buzzword these days. While some consider it is already here, others believe that it is still to be figured out.

In the meantime, while companies solely considered hiring local talents to work on-site as one of top priorities before COVID-19 crisis hit, remote work is starting to be one of the “revolutions” that arose from the current situation.

Where to find these dedicated developers

Nowadays there are a lot of sources which you can turn to when trying to form your remote software development team. It may be with a goal to create a new development department within your business, or to extend and enrich the already existing one.
Here we will focus on hiring dedicated developers through outsourcing software companies.

dedicated developers

Nearshore and outsourcing software development companies

If you did the first step and decided to hire remote dedicated employees, it is possible that the next question is from which country they should be.
You will find some general tips later on in the text and the good news is, you do not have to worry about that at this moment.
For now, you can focus on looking through the lists of these companies through services such as :

There you can set other parameters other than the preferred country and you will get the list of companies that offer professionals for hiring.
Also, there is always good old Google search where you can simply insert the phrases such as: “hire dedicated developers”, “remote software development company”, etc.
At this point you are already several steps closer to your new business collaboration. First, you did the research and narrowed down your options. Then you reached out to the agency that seems to be best fit for your needs and that aligns with your values. Finally, it is the time to start with the negotiation process.

4 steps in building your extended software development team

How to hire a dedicated development team

Introduce them with your requirements

  • First things first, the agency you intend to collaborate with needs to have a good understanding of your project. Hence the initial step is a call. It is also good to keep in mind that long gone are the days when it meant only coding knowledge. Now it is a good idea to have someone on the other side who understands what your business goal is as well.
  • After that introductory call went well – and after the NDA is signed – you can go to the project specifics. You can present some more technical details about the product and the type of development. During this call, project management, product road map you already follow, or the one you would like your new developer(s) to follow is also good point to share.
  • Now the company you are negotiating with has a clearer picture of your requirements and goals. As a result, they will have a good idea about what kind of developer has the right skill set for the project.

Meet the Developer(s)

The point at which you will meet your future extended team of developers varies. Yet, it is a good practice to choose the agency (the first step) which already performs pre-screening.
In that case, they will forward you the CVs of the candidates that already proved that their CV matches their expertise. Surely, it is a good idea to perform the additional interviews with your team as well so as to be sure there is a mutual “click” between you and your developer(s).
No one likes that scenario, but it is possible that the click is simply not there or you believe the developer is not a good match for any reason. In that case, all outsourcing companies who care about their credibility will continue their search until they find the right candidate.

Time to start!

  • You got the right candidates. Also, you agreed about transparent arrangements about the team and project management, so it is time to start working.
  • With many companies which apply the agile methodology nowadays, daily scrums and/or video meetings go almost without a saying.
  • Once everything is set up, you should have full insight in all daily operations of your newly formed development team.

Constant Support

  • Be sure that the outsourcing agency you started collaborating with offers ongoing support during the whole project.
  • They will take care of the whole HR and administrative hassle processes. Furthermore, they will make sure that their offices are the best possible working environment as well.
  • Of course, it is possible to come along obstacles during demanding and challenging projects. Yet, if everything is well-thought and planned up front, there is no issue which a transparent and proactive approach of both sides cannot resolve.

Important tips when it comes to hiring a dedicated development team

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

  • Get to know more about the company’s expertise.
  • Culture fit of the country your vendor comes from may be relevant.
  • Make it clear which language developers should know for daily communication.
  • Choose an agency from the country where there is no bureaucracy hassle for you.
  • Take travel distance into consideration. Chances are you will want to travel to your vendor’s offices or you would like to invite the development team to your headquarters.
  • You should also take time zones and working hours into consideration.

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