Is a pet-friendly office a good thing?

TL; DR In our humble opinion, yes, it is.


It’s not news that pets are good for people. Studies abound about the physical, emotional and psychological benefits of having a furry companion to care for. For example, one study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that pet owners are more conscientious, less neurotic, and more agreeable than those who don’t share their homes with pets.

When it comes to pets in the workplace, some companies have strict policies against them, while others have an open-door policy for employees to bring their pets to work. The pet-friendly offices proved time and time again to be much friendlier and more relaxed spaces to work in, as compared to the offices where pets are not allowed.

Although hard research into the benefits of pets in the workplace is limited, the studies that have been done show promising results.

More businesses are discovering that pets in the workplace can actually improve employee wellness, productivity, and happiness. Pups and cats (since they are most common to bring in) at the office can create stronger bonds within a team, reduce stress, and make the work environment friendlier.

How it all started in our office

Is a pet-friendly office a good thing?


Well, slowly. Back in the day, we have not really thought about that policy, especially because of the office space structures that were not completely pet-friendly when four-legged visitors are on their own.
Later, when we moved to our current office, the thought process went something like this:

Hmm… Not many people will be in the office due to COVID anyway, so we can ask the ones we know will be there if they mind. We got the thumbs up and got the assurance that the fluffy one was sociable and has no trouble being with a bunch of unknown people calling him and wanting to play with him. And then there was no roadblock for the marketing people to join the pet-friendly office hype while other team members worried about the whole logistics of bringing in and taking back the pet to its natural habitat. The building they are living in.

Truth to be told – we have not consulted any case studies about the benefits and awareness of having pets in the office from time to time even later on, yet we did not run from common sense on this matter.

Speaking of benefits…

Is a pet-friendly office a good thing?


To be more productive and reduce stress, it can help to take a step back every once in a while. A pet is a great reminder to do just that. A short walk or playtime can provide the necessary change of scenery and thoughts. Pets encourage people to step back from their work for a little bit of mental refreshment. But the HABRI study also revealed some interesting numbers:

  • 91 percent of employees who work for a pet-friendly company feel engaged with their work versus 65 percent who work in non-pet friendly workplaces
  • On average, pet owners surveyed reported exercising 3.5 days per week, compared to non-pet owners, who reported exercising 2.8 days per week, on average.

Just to quote a few.


Although it seems that pet-friendly offices are around each corner, according to the Society of Human Resources Management, only seven percent of employers allowed pets at work in 2019 in the US. That leaves the other 93 percent seeking out pet-friendly workplaces.
If you’re thinking of increasing the percentage, be sure to get buy-in from the team. Some team members might not like pets, and some of them may be prone to allergies. But perhaps you can take a more moderate approach by designating pet-free areas.

The best way to implement a pet-friendly office is to start with a trial period or test day to see how everybody reacts. If you’re already employed in an office where pets are not allowed, talk with your HR people about the possibility of a trial day to test the mood in the office. You could also discuss whether there are any employees within your company who suffer from stress or anxiety that may benefit from having a pet-friendly space.

In our case, although most of us agreed that either Leo or Tobi additionally lighten up the atmosphere, we also took into consideration the allergies or level of comfort of all team members who choose to work in-house.

In conclusion…

The point is that each party feels comfortable when they come to the office: all team members and four-legged friends too. In order for that to happen, start slowly and take into account your colleagues’ honest opinions before including the phrase pet-friendly space on the list of your benefits.


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