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Developers in Serbia

Build the dedicated software development team with ProDevs without HR or administration hassle

You can set up a whole extended software development team or choose to start with one dedicated developer who will work in Serbia. We understand that each of you has a unique business model so we strongly believe that our model of collaboration should be flexible to meet these needs.

One thing that remains as a standard is that the developers work as if they were full-time employed by your company. This approach has several benefits, among which is that it guarantees the highest commitment level of the assigned developers.

While you act as an employer and manage your team’s work, we conduct all HR-related processes. This includes recruiting procedures, developer retention, motivation, and communication between the members of your extended team. In this way, you are in charge of the development process itself and the costs, and we take care of administrative matters and infrastructure.

We take care of:


  • Your dedicated developers will be located in cozy Belgrade offices near the city center. During the lockdown or any other preventive measures, the engineers will work from their homes.
  • Our office manager makes sure your development team has all the required equipment.
  • We will ensure office access control systems according to your standards.
  • Additional security protocols will be ensured upon request.

Client and Developer Needs

  • A dedicated manager who makes sure that the communication between and your team is flawless.
  • Regular reviews of developers’ performance.
  • Analyze your feedback about your team performance.
  • Recurring evaluation of the developers’ satisfaction with the job.
  • Tech events and team buildings.


  • Accountants and legal advisors
  • Payroll and taxes for your team
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Benefits of extended team model over project outsourcing model

Recruitment that fits your needs

We start the recruitment process only after clarifying your requirements. You can interview the most suitable candidates and make the final decision if they fit in terms of skills and experience.

Developer commitment

ProDevs software developers are your full-time employees. They’re as dedicated to your success as any member of your in-house team.

Communicate directly

The communication with the dedicated development team is handled directly by you, your tech lead, or your project manager.

Predictable costs

You pay your developers’ salaries and a flat monthly fee for our services.


You can adapt the size of your dedicated team whenever your business processes require so. Just give us one month’s notice so we can organize things in our offices. You can also ask for advanced IT security. You are always welcome to visit our offices and work alongside your software developers or bring them over to your offices.

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