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In many conversations with our current, former and future partners in the EU, we noticed one issue in common. They have a hard time when they want to hire software engineers on their local market.
This can be due to scarce resources or due to high hourly wages the developers require.

There is a solution for that. Relocation of software developers to work on-site. Serbia as a growing and developing market has a vast pool of talents with solid English skills and with experience of the international working environment, one way or the other.

We have two models of IT relocation: one of more permanent nature and one where we agree upon the percentage of time a developer would spend on each location: ours and clent’s.

The steps


Discovery call

Before the recruitment process starts, we schedule the meeting with you and define your requirements and needs, specific requirements, and your budget


Find the suitable candidates

We introduce you with the candidates that we believe are most suitable. You may want to set up an online meeting with them. If you prefer, we can arrange the meeting in your offices as well.


Hire the best candidates

After the best candidates are chosen, we can start the relocation process.


Deciding upon the best relocation model for you

Whether you want a developer to work 100% in your offices, or to make an agreement about another ratio.


Help with relocation

If you prefer to avoid all administration hassle, we will assist you as much as possible with necessary documents and procedures.

You may also like to know

  • On average, the entire process may take 8 – 10 weeks.
  • We meet in person with each developer before we schedule the call between them and you.
  • Our recruitment fee is considered budget friendly.
  • We do not charge for CVs, you only pay the procedures for the candidates you hire.
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Why choose ProDevs to assist you
with relocation


The constantly growing number of IT professionals in Serbia allows recruiting even most of hard-to-find candidates for your location. We tailor each vacancy to your individual requirements and apply the most efficient recruitment techniques to help developers overcome relocation hesitation.


Serbian developers can travel visa-free to the EU and Schengen countries, which allows arranging face-to-face interviews (when necessary)


For a fixed fee, we can support your candidates at every stage of the relocation process — from obtaining a work permit to successfully onboarding each member of your new team. We’ll ensure the entire relocation procedure is stress-free for you and your future in-house developers, allowing you to focus on your core competencies.


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