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When the IT team extension model is what you need? Team extension means augmenting your existing software development team. In this way, your in-house team gets the support of the additional software engineer(s) who possess (es) specific expertise adjusted to the task and/or project.

ProDevs gives you access to a strong, continuously growing community of software developers ready to start the onboarding process usually in a matter of weeks.

One thing that remains as a standard is that the developers work as if they were full-time employed by your company. This approach has several benefits, among which is that it guarantees the highest commitment level of the assigned developers.

General competitive advantages

There are some general advantages to hiring extended tech team:

  • Predictable and consistent taxation
  • Reforms of the educational system
  • Constant IT and telecom infrastructure improvement
  • Intellectual property rights protection
  • Favorable conditions for software programmers

Location & Culture

  • Same business hours as EU companies
  • Only around 2 hours flight separates Serbia from Germany, Belgium, Athens, the UK, and other EU countries
  • No communication or cultural barriers, western corporate culture compatibility

You can see more about outsourcing to Serbia in this article


Some of the numbers that can help when deciding to hire an extended team of software developers:

  • Participation of female developers on the market is on the rise: 11% in 2015, 12% in 2017, 14.5% in 2019
  • Seniority balance: 33.2% juniors, 30.4% mediors, 36.4% seniors
  • Senior software developers on average 11+, mediors 4+, juniors 1+ working experience
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Fixed Price Projects

IT team extension can be a viable choice when it comes to fixed-price projects too:

  • Turn-key solutions tailored to allocated project budget and preferred time-frame
  • Total project costs are fixed at the beginning
  • Undemanding in terms of client-end involvement and resources

Suitable for projects with precise specifications and documentation

Time & Material

  • Employing the services of a team of software specialists on an as-needed basis
  • The client specifies requirements, monitor progress, and receives status reports on a regular basis
  • ProDevs commits to managing the team and ensuring its optimal efficiency
  • Monthly reports for the hours worked by each team member are sent to the client
  • The client is billed based on exact hours worked by the team during the month

Suitable for small-mid scale projects with varying workflow/skill requirements


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