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Looking to hire JavaScript Developers in Serbia

Are you looking to hire JavaScript developers in Serbia? If yes, we will help you connect with top-notch JavaScript developers in Serbia, who will be located in our Belgrade office and provide you with all the back-office support you need.

The JavaScript developers you hire with ProDevs work exactly as if they were in your offices, eight hours, five days a week. You manage them directly, and the only difference is that we take care of all other background processes.

But, let’s go one step at a time.

Hire JavaScript Developers

How it starts:

  • After you contact us and we schedule a meeting, you specify the requirements you would like your new remote JavaScript developer to have. These details include, but are not limited to specific skillset, seniority, and input what kind of personal characteristics you are looking for.
    Speaking of specific skillset, they may include, but again are not limited to frameworks such as: different versions of Angular, React, Node.js, Vue.js, and others.
  • The moment we define the specifics, our recruiters are starting from our database, looking for the talents that may be the right match and send you CVs of the profiles they believe are what you are looking for. We do preliminary conversation, establishing that the points from the CV are up to date and that the developers have the adequate English language skills.
  • Then, you and your team step in with your interview process. You evaluate and approve of each new member of your development team, just like you would do in your physical offices. After that, you can be sure the developers have the qualifications and attitude you need because you had the opportunity to see it yourself.
  • Preferably, we place your new front-end or back-end JS developers in our fully equipped and cozy office in Belgrade and arrange all the hardware and software they need for work. In case you and the developer agree that they can work from their home office, we arrange the transport of all the hardware they need directly to their home address.

How it continues:

  • Our HR professional helps you establish highly functional relationships with your new outsourced JavaScript experts.
  • Our on-site office manager and system administrator set the right working environment of your developers – both in our office or in their home-office – until they feel comfortable and ready to launch.
  • The HR expert specialized for employee retention organizes fun corporate events – both offline and online to keep each remote JavaScript engineer you chose happy, engaged, and motivated.
  • Our administrative team organizes all the paperwork including payroll and taxes.

And when the circumstances get back to normal after the travel bans and distancing measures, we assist with business travel arrangements whenever you want to bring your team over to your headquarters office.

Hiring Process

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Whether you need junior or senior web and app developers, skilled in the most popular technologies or some of the technologies that are not so common – we can help you.

ProDevs will match you with talented and reliable tech professionals in Serbia who will become dedicated members of your development team. We will ensure that with our business model you create a whole development team or to begin with 1 dedicated tech specialist.


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