Project: Advertising Technology Services

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Client: Advertising Technology Services Provider



This project was a result of successfully completed previous software solution for the same client. The client expected the same quality of the service, if not even higher. Their services include consulting, planning, design and production. Our client is also responsible for installation and the maintenance of the existing advertising technology and equipment.

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In order to acquire new users of their services, the client needed a modern and responsive design, which will also show their efficient approach to solutions. Since the company has plans to constantly adapt and improve its services, the website needed to be done in a CMS.


Since the choice for the software solution was a CMS, the project manager chose two developers to work on this project.


When they came to the point to decide which CMS specifically to use, there was no much discussion. The team chose to implement WordPress as the most suitable solution.


With the WordPress as a solution, they were able to meet the client’s requirements for the website. Namely, the client was satisfied with the responsiveness of their new website since they are aware of the fact that huge number of their future customers will browse for them from their mobile phones. Their employees were also happy that they could manage the content simply and by themselves.


In conclusion, since the website went into production stage on time,  the client was happy with the results. Following the website launch, they were able to record larger number of their customers, which was one of the initial goals. With all this in mind, we justified the high expectations of quality service the client expected from us.


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