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Client: Branding Agency



To begin with, this is one of the projects that came thanks to the recommendation of the satisfied client. To rephrase it, referrals obviously always bring that special feeling of great pride.

Our client comes from Zurich, Switzerland and they are generally focused on bringing new ideas to individuals and organisations alike. Furthermore, this branding agency is present in 10 countries and supply more than 20 creatives.  Basically, the agency offers their services across 12 different industries. Also, the number of 75% returning customers certainly speaks a lot about their business model. Naturally, our software developers were more than proud to be a part of a website solution team behind this expanding business.

Branding Agency


In general, there were two goals which the client had in mind when they decided it is time for the website redesign. Firstly, they needed a website which will allow them easier maintenance on their own in the future. Secondly, their goal was also to acquire new visitors to the website across various devices. 


Since the technology stack for this project was a CMS, our project manager decided that he needed two software developers.


The technology we used for this project was WordPress.


Our developers were in constant contact with the client during the development process and they discussed together about the implementation of additional solutions.


Our software development team delivered the project on time and it had the improved browsing, which consequently increased the happiness of the old, and the acquisition of the new users. Therefore the conclusion was that our development team fulfilled all the set goals. 


Ana Micić Pavlović

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