Project: E-commerce Intelligence Platform for Business

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Client: E-commerce Client



In order to keep the data up-to-date on the large-scale competitive market, the client needed us to create e-commerce platform solutions that will ensure the stability and scalability of the whole system.

Dedicated Software Development Teams


Important to realize, this e-commerce web platform collects 20.8 million data points every week from 30 online pharmacies. In this way, they rely on measuring the online performance to maximize product page quality and purchase probability. Furthermore, other important aspects of their business are automated testing and efficiency in the use of the advertising money. In the same fashion, aspects such as e-commerce price monitoring, screening of product ratings, and massive time savings are hugely important as well.


With that purpose in mind, our team for this project currently consists of nine software developers dedicated to this project. However, there is a great possibility that the number of developers will increase in time.


Due to the complexity of the project, the technologies we have been using to build and maintain this platform are: Node.js, PHP/Laravel, MongoDb, QlikView/Sense, and Python.


Firstly, the client provided us with the frontend design and the core functioning concepts of the platform. Next, the developers were able to code the back-end solutions in order to fulfill the client’s requirements. At the same time, our developers have always been more than welcome to offer their own suggestions as well, the chance they are gladly using. Finally, when the platform passed the test and came out of the production mode, the importance it has for the client’s business were obvious.


In conclusion, we can proudly say that this is one more of our long-term clients. Equally important is the fact that  originally a current satisfied client recommended us for this project. Following the successful negotiation between the two management teams, the test period started. To sum up, our developer team successfully completed the initial task and the long-term work started.

Use case Business E-commerce intelligence platform

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