Project: Car Foiling Services

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Client: Car Foiling Services



For people in our client’s company cars have been their passion for over 15 years. Ultimately, they came to the idea to keep the passion but to include strategic and business planning into that this time as well and that is how this project started. Therefore, the team wanted to offer their customers a variety of products and services about car foiling and to adapt the service individually to every client. 

Real Estate Client


First, since they wanted to outreach larger number of users, the client needed a modern and responsive website. Secondly, the website needed to be customized in a way that enables people in the company to update it regularly with the photos and blog posts. In other words, the client needed state-of-the-art web platform which will show their extensive skills, work, and references.


After the client defined and forwarded the demands, our project manager decided that team for this project needs to consist of two software developers.


Following the requirements, the team and the client agreed that the technology  used would be WordPress.


As a result of choosing WordPress as a technology, we were able to meet the requirements of the client for the website which will allow easy maintenance.


Since the website went live on time  the client was happy with what they saw. Following the website launch, they were able to record larger number of their customers.


Ana Micić Pavlović

Senior Front-end Developer

Ana will gladly tell you everything you want to know about front-end technologies and WordPress.


Business Development Manager

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Business Development Manager


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