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Project: Real Estate Website


Client: Private Joint Stock Company

This website will be the base of the first self-governing and self-regulating authority in Riyadh. Specifically, the client planned to complete the first phase of the modern real estate project in 2022. After that, the vision they have until 2030 is to create a modern and innovative Saudi Arabia. That being said, they are planning on 40% energy and 40% water reduction.

real estate modern buildings


Shortly, the client wanted a brand new website which will follow the existent design. In addition to that, the project had a deadline and the overall structure of the future website. Consequently, the purpose of the design will be to acquire new customers and investors.

The Team

Our team consists of two software developers.


The technologies we used for this project were HTML, SASS, JavaScript.


Speaking of the technology stack solutions, the client already had in mind what technologies they wanted to use for its modern real estate website. Therefore,  we needed to follow the instructions and the documentation. Of course, our developers were in constant communication with the client and they suggested the most suitable solutions for the project.


As a result of a constant and open communication between the two parties, we delivered the project on time. Above all, we would also like to point out that the client was really happy with the delivered product. To conclude, the continued collaboration has been announced.


Ana Micić Pavlović

Senior Front-end Developer

Ana will gladly tell you everything you want to know about front-end technologies and WordPress.


Business Development Manager

Vesna Radović calendar

Business Development Manager


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