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Project: Online Video Maker


Client: Marketing Agency

This is an online video maker used for creating logos, marketing, social videos & more in a matter of minutes with ready to go templates. Speaking in numbers, it has around 15,000 active users who in total have produced around 500,000 videos up to this moment.

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The client wanted to create a video maker tool. With that in mind, the client’s goal was to implement new solutions and keep them up to date so as to speed up the video processing and consequently acquire a larger number of users and expand the business at the same time.


Due to the complexity of the project, the dedicated development team on this project consisted of nine software developers. Namely, four of them were responsible for the front-end, and five of them were in charge of the back-end development of this platform.


Since online video making requires a lot of steps, some of the technologies we used while creating the video maker tool are React.JS, Node.JS, Express, MongoDB, MySql, and ExtendScript.


While working on the provided design solutions and thinking strategically, we have succeeded to build the compact application. Equally important,  the development of the app included the development of many solutions, such as registration process; audio, photo and video upload; download; billing systems; rendering, and many others as well.


As a result of the first successful version of the software our team released, Reevio has slowly became long-term client.  As an illustration, they entrusted us with the further development of the platform which is almost ready for the release of the fourth version. All in all, after the business success the Reevio online video maker itself, the client decided to come up with the side project app as well. Unquestionably, our development team is working on the side project too. 

To sum up, since the launch of the first version of the application, the number of users and the edited and produced videos has significantly grown as well.


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