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Project: Pharma Marketing Consultancy Platform


Client: Pharma Marketing & Consultancy Company

Being one of the leading marketing consultancy agencies, the responsibilities of our clients include advising clients in the health and lifestyle areas. Furthermore, the advising part needs to cover challenging and ever-changing marketing issues and finding promising solutions which are based on reliable data and confident data analysis. In other words, the extensive marketing platform provides excellent results which increase credibility, number of clients and profits.

software development


To begin with, the client felt that the manual data processes they had within their business can be much more effective if we include automation. Therefore, the successfully solved software solution was crucial for the future business strategy of the company, their investments and long-term business plan.

The Team

In this case, there are eight in-house dedicated software developers in our team who work on this project. In addition to that, one of them works on the front-end, and the rest of them are back-end developers.


All things considered, the technologies we use include PHP/Laravel, Node.js, Python, MySql, and AWS.


To begin with, the solution for this project include using the above mentioned technologies,  as well as strategically developing the structure of the whole project. When working with the demanding project as is this, one of the crucial things is having in mind the potential future expanding of the company services. We also successfully implemented and enabled the data analysis, processing and extracting of the data.


All in all, our developers successfully delivered the first part of the app on time. Consequently, the client extended the collaboration with us and we can proudly say that this project is still ongoing and the client has in mind new features to be implemented. Additionally, they wanted us to extend our team and add more developers to the project.

Use case Pharma marketing consultancy platform

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