Project: Online Video Making Tool

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Client: Marketing Agency


First of all, this is an online video tool intended for professional photographers and couples to use so they could create logos, marketing material, social videos & more in a matter of minutes with already prepared templates.  At the same time, the database of its users is expected to grow in time and the client hopes that the target audience will find it useful and that they will take more place in the market.

online video tool for couples and photographers


In other words, the client’s goal is to implement specific new solutions for the exactly defined audience and keep them up to date so as to speed up the video processing and consequently acquire a new base of users, expanding the business in general.


As for the team that works from our offices on this project,  there are eight software developers, four of which are responsible for front-end, and four of them are dedicated to the back-end solutions.


Further, the technologies we use include React.JS, Node.JS, Express, MongoDB, MySql, and ExtendScript.


Working on the provided design solutions and thinking strategically, we are at the same time succeeding in building the compact and stable application.


To sum up, this application came as a result of the first successful released version of the software, Reevio. Indeed, the client decided to hire our developers for this new project again since they proved to be trust-worthy and reliable. What is equally important, they have had the history of delivering the projects on time and according to the client’s requirements.


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