Project: Weight Control Supplement Presentation

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Client: Weight Control Supplements Supplier



To begin with, our clients from Germany are firm believers in practicing healthy life habits. Also, they think that weight control supplements can also be helpful when applied properly. For this reason, they needed the website which would promote healthy life style alongside the use of additional weight control supplements.   

Weight Control Supplements Supplier


With all this in mind, the client wanted the full specification of the supplement, as well as suggested physical activities for staying in shape and good health. In addition, we also nicely packed nutrition tips under one roof using clean and modern design. Finally, it is easy to navigate and browse on the website itself, which was also one of the most important requirements.


Next, a project manager dedicated two software developers to this project.


Firstly, the development team carefully analyzed the client’s requirements. Secondly, when they took into consideration all the points from the documentation, they decided to use WordPress for this project.


Basically, WordPress proved to be the most suitable and practical solution for the project of this kind. The reason is simple, the maintenance and the input of new website content is easy after the development part is over. In other words, the staff in the client’s company can handle both the maintenance and the input of the material. Undoubtedly, this is of great importance for the acquiring new users and expanding their business.


In summary, there is one more fact related to this project that is especially relevant for us. Namely, this website belongs to the group of the projects we can proudly place under the label “recommended by another client”. Finally, we want to say our developers delivered on time and the client was very happy with the product.


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